We are open for tourists!!


We would like to inform you who visit our web site that we are open for foreigh and national (Costarican) tourists.

We 100% obey the regulations of Ministry of health of Costa Rica.


Since this pandemic started, like other people who work in tourism industry,

we have been sufferd due to the lack of visitors.


But we started to receive some national and even foreigh tourists a little by little.

We can arrange nature guided walk tour, chocolate tour, specialized birdwatching tour etc…

If you are nature or wildlife lover, here is the place for you!!

We started to receive some costarican and foreigh tourists to our garden!!


please make sure that reservation in advance is necessary.

To get further information or make a reservation for tour, please email to info@pierella.com.


Thank you very much for reading!!

Pura Vida!!

Our precious animals that we have in Pierella Ecological Garden are waiting for your visit as well!!

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