Toucans of our garden!!


Today, we would like to introduce you about the species of toucans that we have in Pierella Ecological Garden.

There are 6 species of toucans (Family Ramphastidae) and we have 3 of them in our garden.

There are the species that we have in Pierella Garden, please check the fotos which are shown below.

①Chestnut-Mandibled Toucan:

Chestnut-mandibled Toucan, The biggest toucan in Costa Rica!!

The male is 56cm long, while the female is a little bit smaller

②Keel-Billed Toucan:

Keel-billed toucan,also known as rainbow-billed toucan, one of the most iconic bird that we have in Costa Rica!!

What a beautiful coloration!!

③Collard Aracari:

Collard aracari, common specie of lowland rainforest in Costa Rica

They reproduce in Our Garden!!They usually move though the forest in small flocks consisting of 6-15 individuals!!

They are omnivorous which means they feed on various kinds of things such as fruits, seeds, insects, lizards and even small birds!!

Thanks to our forest that we preserve, there are a lot of food sources for toucan in our garden,so they come to our garden to look for food and also for nesting site!!


You might be able to see these beautiful 3 types of toucan during our nature guided walk!!

If you are interested in our garden, contact us via whatsapp (+506)8309-0190 or email us to


Thank you very much for reading!!

Pura Vida!!

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