Great Green Macaw(Ara ambiguus)


Today, we would like to introduce you about the great green macaw (Ara ambiguus) also locally called Lapa Verde in Spanish.

This beautiful bird is considered endangered due to habitat loss caused by human activities such as logging and agriculture.

They are also suffered from ilegal hunting.According to investigation, there are only about 300 individuals remain in Costa Rica.

Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus)

Some costarican and international organization try to conserve this bird and reproduce them but still, they are in danger of extinction.

Their main diet is Fruits and seeds of plants, especially they love to eat almendro tree (in Spanish, almendro means almond)

We have been planting a lot of almendro tree in Pierella Garden and these trees produce a important food resource for Great Green Macaw!!

So they began to visit our garden to eat almendro’s seeds and also to rest.

Seed of Almendro tree, One of the most important food for Great Green Macaw!!

You might be able to see this beautiful bird at close distance!!

We continue to provide them food resource for conservation of Great Green Macaw!!

If you come to our garden, you might be able to see this magnificent bird at close distance!!

Thank you very much for reading!!

Pura Vida!!


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