We would like to share with you some of the testimonials received from our precious visitors!!


◎This place is so beautiful! I enjoyed seeing the butterflies, sloths and other creatures such as red-eyed tree frog!

Thank you so much for everything! Pura Vida!

  • Annika


◎Wow! You have the most amazing thing going here! The butterflies were awesome and everything! Gracias!

  • Adel


◎This is my second trip to the butterfly farm and it is even more beautiful than I remember.

The nature of this garden is amazing! It reminds me that there can still be such beauty in the world.

I loved it here so much as I am sure everybody does, and I will never forget it.

  • Megan Rountree Westlake high school


◎This place is amazing. It is very beautiful with many wonderful things to see. The butterflies are pretty and

It was so much fun to visit. The food was great and I would probably come back if I come to Costa Rica.

Muchas gracias!

  • Kate


◎Wonderful family life and excursion! I thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family time!

The butterflies, insects, frogs, birds, sloths were so enjoyable!

You are doing nature’s work! Pura Vida!

  • Ana stevenson, Julie Ana Stevenson


◎It is a place like this that reminds me how beautiful our world truly is!

Thank you for giving us this wonderful experience!

  • Elizabeth Leslie


◎This place is the best for people who love nature and wild animals. There are various kinds of birds, frogs, insects,

Sloths, lizards etc… The hospitality of the people and food were amazing as well!!

If you want to see and learn about the nature of tropical rainforest of Costa Rica and costarican culture, this place is for you!

Pura Vida!

  • Yuta Yamazoe
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