Pierella Ecological Garden is a Private nature reserve which consists of 5 hectares of Tropical rainforest. We have been dedicated to wildlife conservation, research, export of butterflies and ecotourism in Sarapiqui area where you can admire the beauty of the nature that tropical rainforest of Costa Rica offers us, to humans.

Our trails are well maintained so you can walk very easily on our trails.

During our nature guided walk tour you can observe various kinds of fauna such as:

– Birds such as Humming birds, Toucans, Manakins, Tanagers, warblers.

NOTE:From January to April, nesting of various kinds of birds such as Hummingbirds, manakins, jakamar start during that season, visitores can observe their nest.

– Frogs such as Red-eyed tree frog, 2 types of Poison dart frog (Strawberry and Green and Black) and if you are lucky tiger frog.

– Lizards such as Green basilisk, Brown basilisk, Helmeted basilisk and famous Green iguana.

– Mammals such as 2 types of sloth (three and two toed), White honduran bat and if you participate in our night tour (visitors who stay at our accommodation can participate) might be able to see Nine-banded armadillo!

– Butterflies such as famous Blue morpho, caligo (owl butterfly), Heliconiinae and so on.

We have butterfly farm in our garden, visitors will see great variety of butterflies flying in a green house!!

We teach about natural history of varios kinds of wildlife and you can learn about the metamorphosis,cultivation and development of butterflies which are native species of Costa Rica.

We also have a frog farm where you can see one of the most iconic specie of Costa Rica, Red-eyed tree frog!!

NOTE: To get more information about our guided tour, please contact us via whatsapp(+506) 8309-0190 or email us at!!

During our guided nature walk, you will see various kinds of animals for sure!!

You can learn how to make chocolate from scratch during our tour!!

Our trails are well maintained, you can walk easily.



We can arrange a specialized birdwatching and photography tour for people who love it!!

Species such as Sunbittern, King vulture, Gray-lined hawk, White collared manakin, American pygmy kingfisher, Cinnamon woodpecker, Rufous tailed jacamar, White whiskered puffbird and much more!!

If you are interested in our birdwatching tour, please contact us via whatsapp (+506) 8309-0190 or email us to!!



We can organize boat tour in Rio Sarapiqui (Sarapiqui river)!!

During this tour, various kinds of animals can be seen such as 2 types of sloths, monkeys, raccoons, birds, green basilisk, green iguana, Caiman,turtles and much more!! The duration of this boat tour is approximately 2 hours with water and some snacks!!

If you are lucky enough, you can see river otter, Mexican hairy porcupine as well!!

For further information about boat tour and reservation, please contact us via whatapp (+506) 8309-0190 or email us to!!



We can prepare delicious and traditional costarican meal which is cooked by wood stove for Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners.

If you need food service during your visit, please inform us before your visit or stay at our garden.

NOTE: If you have some kinds of food restriction, please also inform us in advance.

Would you like to try famous Olla de Carne (Costarican Beef soup)?

For lunch, we can prepare famous Casado (Costa rican one plate lunch with a lot of ingredients)



We can offer a great educational experience for national and international students. Students can learn about wildlife conservation, ecosystem of tropical rainforest of Costa Rica, Cultivation of butterflies and observe various kinds of fauna and flora!!

You can learn about natural history and ecosystem of rainforest. Please do not forget rainwear because here rains a lot!!



In our garden, we have 2 rooms which can accommodate from individual traveler, couples and family of 4 to 5 people.

both rooms have private bath room with warm water some basic amenities such as soap, shampoo and bath towels.

Meals are served in our comedor (dinner), vegetarian food can be prepared and if you have dietary restrictions, please inform us in advance.

We can offer laundry service (with additional cost), wireless internet on a limited basis and all-access trails.

NOTE: It is not allowed to smoke inside our property including in our rooms.

Our accommodation. there are 2 private rooms with private bathroom, Wifi is available with limited basis

Our comedor (dinner). You will enjoy our delicious costarican meal while watching various kinds of birds!!



– Botanical garden with medicional plants.

– Souvenir such as bookmark which is made by authentic butterflies wings, various types of butterfly specimens which are made by various species of butterflies and necklace by several kinds of plants.

NOTE: If you wish to perchase our products, please contact us before your visit to confirm availability and to get further information!!

– Rest rooms

– Birdwatching area

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