Poison dart frogs of Pierella Ecological Garden!!


There are various kinds of colorful species of frogs in Costa Rica and one of them is poison dart frogs!!

They are a group of species which is known for their brilliant color and toxic skin.

Their bright color of skin warns predators not to eat them.


The toxins from poison dart frogs are applied to the darts and arrows used by some south american native tribes for hunting.

The poison helps to quickly kill the animals being hunted.


There are 7 species of poison dart frogs in Costa Rica, we have 2 of them in Pierella Ecological Garden.

They are diurnal (which means they are active during the day time) and there are many in our garden so you can see them very easily!!

We would like to introduce you 2 species of beatiful poison dart frog that we have in Pierella Garden!!

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog (Oophaga pumilio) also known as Blue-jeans because of their blue leggs!!

They are very common specie in our garden

Black and Green Poison Dart Feog(Dendrobates auratus)

They reproduce in our garden!!

You can see them during our nature guided walk tour and can see them all year round in our garden!!

If you would like to see these colorful frogs, please contact us via whatsapp (+506) 8309-0190 or email us info@pierella.com.


Thank you very much for reading!!

Pura Vida!!

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