Quiénes Somos

We are a family business established by William Camacho and Kristal Barrantes.

It started about 20 years ago as a project to breed butterflies for export. Over time, it has been transformed into an area that hosts a great diversity of environments, accommodating a wide range of niches where a large number of species are found, changing from a simple butterfly garden to a true ecological garden.

For many years we have developed ecotourism and we continue to grow thanks to the support and the request of the visitors who daily encourage us to continue.


To teach our clients the secrets that the tropical forest offers us and at the same time contribute for their conservation of species not only of butterflies but also of other animals in danger.

To be a leader in production and marketing, committed to the environment, grow and preserve the majesty of flora and fauna.

William Camacho worked from 1990 to 1995 in «Rara Avis» in Sarapiquí in a Garden that was for research of the National Museum of Costa Rica.
In 1995 he decided to become independent, bought a plot of 20×20 meters and built a butterfly garden to export butterflies. With the money raised from the sale of butterfly pupae, over the years he managed to buy more land from the farmers around. Now Pierella consists of 5 hectares of land with reclaimed forest.
Since 2007, William has dedicated part of the marketing of butterflies to tourism and attended dozens of student groups, photographers annually.

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