Hello everyone!! Thank you so much for being interested in Pierella Ecological Garden!!

We are a family project which was started by William Camacho in Sarapiqui, Heredia province, Costa Rica.

This project was originally started as a butterfly farm for export of native butterfly of Costa Rica about 25 years ago.Sarapiqui which is located in Caribbean side of Costa Rica has great diversity of fauna and flora but the home of wildlife has been lost gradually due to habitat destruction by the expansion of agriculture in this region.

Pineapple farm. In Sarapiqui area, there are a lot of pineapple farm

Cattle farming is still important source of income here in Sarapiqui area but also destroy the forest

Wiliam Camacho who was born and raised in Sarapiqui is the founder of Pierella Garden and he is true nature lover and naturalist.He worked for “Rara Avis Rainforest Lodge” from 1990 to 1995 which was for research of the National Museum of Costa Rica and he learnt a lot about nature conservation and ecosystem of tropical rainforest.

In 1995, he decided to start his own project. He bought a plot of 20 x 20 meters and built a butterfly farm to export butterflies and now we have been worked with butterfly gardens, museum and universities of more than 120 countries.

We export butterflies pupas to various foreigh countries

With the money that he earned by export of butterfly pupae, he managed to buy more land from the farmers around the area and started to plant trees which are native species of the Sarapiqui region to regenerate tropical rainforest which was destructed by human activities.

Then, various kinds of animals that lost their home started to gather in Pierella garden and function as refuge of the wildlife in the region. Now Pierella Ecologican Garden consists of 5 hectares of land with regenerated tropical rainforest which is home to various kinds of fauna and flora of Sarapiqui!!

Because of conservation effort, We have various kinds of animals in Pierella Ecological Garden.

Animals that you could see in our garden are sloths, monkeys, frogs, birds, insects and so on…

Three-towed sloth

Red-eyed tree frog

Honduran white bat

Great Green Macaw

Green Basilisk

Since 2007, William and his wife Kristal has been dedicated to ecotourism and attended constantly a student groups,independent tourists,photographers which are come from all over the world.

At present, we have been dedicated to ecotourism and wildlife conservation thanks to the support and the request of our precious visitors and collaborators who have been encouraged us to continue our project which is our life time dream!!


– To teach our visitors about the secrets of the tropical rainforest and show them the beauty of nature that tropical rainforest offers us

– To contribute and promote the conservation of wildlife in Sarapiqui region, not only butterflies but also every kinds of fauna and flora that are  threatened by various reasons (such as habitat destruction by human activities


– To raise people’s awareness about wildlife conservation

– To create refuge  for wildlife that lost their home due to human activities

Mr. Wiliam Camacho who is the founder of Pierella Ecological Garden and his wife Mrs Kristal Barrantes.

Regenerated rainforest which is now home to various kinds of wildlife in Sarapiqui region

We have many cacao trees in our garden

If you like nature and animals, here is the ideal place for you!!

Please come and enjoy the real jungle of Costa Rica!!

Pura Vida!!

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