Our precious stingless bee!!


Today, we introduce you about stingless bee or locally called Mariolas in Costa Rica (Family Apidae, tribe Meliponini)

They are tiny bees, they do not sting and are usually inofensive.

They make entrace which resembles pipe in appearance.

Their entrace for the nest. It resembles pipe in apperance!!

They are also very important polinator in the forest of Costa Rica, so their conservation is important for many species of flowers.

We have multiple beehives to produce honey from mariolas bees (Although they produce very little amount of honey) and also to enrich enviroment of our forest.

Their honey is very good for health and it is used as natural medicine to treat skin burns and skin infection in many latin american countries.

Honey of a specie of stingless bee that we have in Pierella Garden

Honey of a specie of stingless bee

We have multiple beehives of mariolas in our garden!!

Collecting the honey from beehive!!

The honey has a faint citrus taste (although the taste changes depending on the types of flowers that bees have been collected)

and it works well with bread or Arepa (Costarican pancake) and coffee!!

The honey of mariolas works very well with bread or Arepa (Costarican pancake) and coffee!!

When you visit Costa Rica, if you have chance, we recommend you to try the honey of mariolas!!

Thank you so much for reading!!

Pura Vida!!

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